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Here at Awesome Body Medicine, my staff and I are dedicated to the goal of helping our clients feel better, look better and live better! Whether it is dietary interventions, hormone optimization, or one of our aesthetic procedures, our mission is to ensure you receive the best care and results possible in a safe and comfortable environment. You can rest assured our expertly trained staff are completely devoted to your care, well-being, and most importantly, your satisfaction with the results. We are a privately owned practice committed to bringing the best care possible to beautiful Beaufort, SC, and the surrounding area. With over 50 years of combined experience in the medical and aesthetic fields, you can rest assured you are in safe hands with Awesome Body Medicine.

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Along with our dietary and hormone optimization programs, we offer a full line of Aesthetic Services to get you looking and feeling your very best.

We Offer A Full Line of Services

Awesome Body Medicine is you Lowcountry destination to feel better, look better and live better!

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Hormone Optimization

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Hormone Optimization

Are you ready to feel your very best? Perhaps get back the energy and vitality that you once had? Reach out today to see if Hormone Optimization is right for you.

Randy Kinnard


I am a board certified Internal Medicine physician. After years of working in the medical field both as a primary care physician and a hospitalist, I came to realize current medical treatments for chronic medical conditions were not helping patients get better. Actually, most needed more or increased medications. So I started doing research and discovered current dietary recommendations are driving not only the obesity epidemic but also the increase in chronic medical conditions. Then I discovered intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. I wholeheartedly believe the evidence to support this is overwhelming, the results are undeniable and the research is there to completely refute current medical dietary recommendations. I believe this so strongly that I live this lifestyle.  

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Our staff are always happy to answer all of your questions.  Let’s get you feeling, looking, and living as your best self!